Libre Air about

About Libre Air

Libre Air, an information site for outdoor dancers and organizers.

Our mission

Libre Air's mission is simple: provide dancers with the information they need to easily find organizers dance sessions.

If it's an outdoor place we want to document it.

How you can help

Our community is composed of amazing dancers all around the world who participate, review dance session and help us promote them.

However, you don't need to be a professional dancer or organizer to help Libre Air!

Donate on our donation page to help us fund our mission.

History of Libre Air

The Libre Air project started in 2019 when the need for a new dispatch platform for outdoor dance events arose.

Since then the project has grown and now forms a central point for broadcasting outdoor dance events from different organizers.

In the future, Libre Air hopes to become a daily visited resource for participants and organizers of outdoor dance sessions.

Technical support

The development and hosting services are graciously provided by: Rapsys

In case of bug or glitch you may contact us throught the contact form: Contact